Relocation Guide

Relocation Guide:


Move Consultants

Our Move Consultants are service personnel available to answer one question or to provide a complete needs assessment for you. Receive personal information on renting vs. buying, neighborhood selection tips, how to prepare for the process, and much more!


Area Orientation packages:

 Will provide you with packages outlining the “need to know” for buying or renting apartments, condos and single family homes so you can familiarize yourself with the various different neighborhoods, cities & towns that are each unique to themselves.


Relocation step by step:

1.Make a list of apartment criteria. This should include "must haves" and "want to haves" as well as some neighborhoods you might be interested in. Your Relocation Agent can help guide you in the right direction based on your commute and budget.


2.Schedule an appointment with your Relocation Specialist. This will be the time when you will go see apartments based on your criteria. Once you have found your perfect apartment, your Relocation Agent will work to secure the property, submit your paperwork and handle any necessary negotiations.


Paperwork and Finances

Real estate moves fast in Boston. Taking time to get your financial paperwork in order can make all the difference in securing or losing an apartment. You will need:

Essential Application Information - Name and contact information of your bank, employer's contact information, Name and contact information of previous landlords.

Letter of Employment - Obtain this from your employer on company letterhead stationary stating: hire date, position, and salary.

Pay Stubs - You should have copies of your last 2 consecutive statements.

Bank Statements - You should have at least two months' statements.

Tax Returns - You may be required to provide these (especially if you are self employed). It's a good idea to have your last years Tax return available

Photo Identification - Driver's license, passport or government issued photo ID.

Application Fee and Monies - You should have money ready to for security deposit and first month's rent.  Prepare these funds ahead of time so that when you are in town and you find the perfect apartment you do not have any delays and thus do not risk losing out on your apartment!


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