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Financial Eligibility:

Most landlords require that tenants earn between 36-40 times the monthly rent on an annual basis. This amount must be guaranteed income, bonuses are not taken into consideration unless they are guaranteed. Many people who are relocating to Boston are surprised that even though their credentials seem strong they still do not meet the strict requirements for most landlords.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, or you pay taxes outside of the U.S., or if you do not have any credit history in the U.S., the landlord may ask you to pay additional security deposit at the time of lease signing



If you have issues getting approved because of a lack of Credit History A U.S. based guarantor who earns roughly  70-80 times the monthly rent can be requested in order for you to secure the apt without additional security deposit being requested.

Below you will find a list that can help prepare you for the necessary paperwork that most landlords require. It is a very good idea to have everything with you when you start your search as time is of the essence.


Typical Required Documentation:

Photo ID

Income verification (Letter from employer, tax return, pay stubs)

Current bank statement

Current Visa information


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